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Autostudi is a design company specialized in the automotive and industrial sector.

Founded in 1983 by Carlo Angiono, the company deals with consultancy for car manufacturers and suppliers in the sector. Its structure is characterized by the presence of highly professional designers and engineers, which allow optimal management of projects in close collaboration with customers.

Autostudi follows a methodological approach that goes from the first stylistic phases to the definition of the complete project, including design, engineering development, creation of models and prototypes, and finally the actual production phase.


Autostudi is a design company that focuses on creating shapes through a line.

Their team of designers develops new products progressively, from the concept stage to prototype implementation. Under the supervision of the CEO, Carlo Angiono, the company stands out for its ability to combine impactful aesthetics with reasonable costs in sectors such as automotive, industrial and technology.

Design represents the beating heart of Autostudi, inspiring everyone to maintain a positive mindset.


Engineering represents the core business of Autostudi, thanks to over 40 years of experience in the sector.

Thanks to the expertise of the brothers Carlo and Roberto Angiono, the engineering team is able to develop automotive products for the major manufacturers in the world.

We specialize in all areas of engineering, from bodywork to engine looks, and have been trusted by customers since 1983 through our constant growth and upgrading.


Ra.Ma.Ro. Project

Work in progress, coming soon


C-Sport is an elegant sporty front-wheel drive car, aspiring to be an innovative sports car of the highest range. With its subtle and clean sinuous lines it conveys the image of a luxury toy-car.


This vehicle is a design and style project developed for Grecav. It has a robust grid that echoes those of SUVs. This microcar is trendy and spacious with detailed internal finishing, bringing great comfort to passengers, just like a full-sized car.


The H2 is a compact and ergonomic concept vehicle, which follows the current demand of sustainability. Designed for mobility of pedestrians in an urban setting. This four-wheeled and two-seater vehicle has a flexible wheelbase that allows you to compress it in an elevator. The H2 is an innovative vehicle concept for hydrogen technology.


Three-wheeled, fully functional prototype powered by hydrogen. This vehicle is very innovative, and quite famous around the world: in Italy, Olympic skier Piero Gros fell in love with A-trix and became its product endorser. ‘Beyond Tomorrow’, an Australian TV program, made an episode about Autostudi and A-trix.

Sonique prototype

Autostudi produces 3D printing models, professional craftwork, manual finishes, and assembly cycle analysis.

Exterior Lighting

EXTERIOR LIGHTING: Design of Rear Lamps, Headlamps and Small Lamps with latest technologies like Free-Form Lenses, Fresnel Lenses, Optical Blades, Light Pipes, Pillows Filters, Surface-LEDs and more
Interior Light Ambient

Interior Lighting

INTERIOR LIGHTING: Design with standard and new technologies, including Direct and Indirect Light Pipes, Side Emitting Optical Fibers, LED Matrixes, Surface LEDs and much more.
Interior Light Ambient


Headlamp with incorporated matrix High Beam (HB) and Low Beam (LB), and functional signaling with a 3D blade effect.
Interior Light Ambient


The exploded view of the real taillight reveals its intricate components, including the housing, LED modules, circuit board, reflectors and lens, showcasing the precision engineering behind its design.

Industrial Table

Autostudi has designed an iconic table for Fabbrica15. A table with a minimal and modern design, which offers a heterogeneous mix of quality materials defined by bold lines and high tech.
Macchinetta del Caffé

Coffee Machine

Autostudi’s idea of espresso machines mixes cubes, curves and round shapes for an innovative home solution.
Spremi Agrumi

Orange Squeezer

Our orange squeezer is a simple kitchen essential that combines practical utility with great esthetic form.
Not just a squeezer but also a design piece to display.
Autostudi styling design and patent.

Dinner Set

Autostudi modernizes cutlery with a line that characterizes its design: minimal and clear.
Autostudi styling design.


Autostudi has designed K-Steel for Urmet. Minimal, clear and simple lines for an extra-strong intercom which is vandal proof.
Autostudi styling design.

Autostudi Turin

Autostudi 2 Turin

Autostudi Modena

Autostudi Bursa Turchia


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Engineering 2

Styling Design

Lighting Engineering

Autostudi 2 (B-Proget)

Autostudi Modena

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Roberto Angiono

General Director