Electronic devices

Autostudi’s electronics devices department is our new path.

We design and distribute cutting-edge electronic devices dedicated to automotive market.

Autostudi is Noritel official Italian licensee.

Contact us if you’re looking for high technology German quality.

  • Head Up Display
  • Performance Steering Wheels
  • Dash Cam
  • Wireless charger
  • Door Projector
  • and many more.

Head Up Display
The HUD displays various car and navigation information on a transparent display in the car. The screen is installed on the dashboard and is positioned level with the steering wheel. All of the information is therefore in the driver’s direct line of sight. The driver therefore no longer needs to divert his gaze from the road and can read all the relevant information at all times.

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Performance Steering Wheels
The Performance Steering Wheel is covered in high-quality Alcantara and it is finished in painted carbon. The upper steering wheel rim features a functional display boasting the latest OLED technology and two-colour LED indicators on the right and left of the display. Two buttons are embedded under the Alcantara in the region of the thumb rests for operation. The Eco Mode, Sports Mode and Race Mode can therefore be selected at the press of a button.

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Door projector
The new LED door projectors with new slide technology and an above-average lifespan make entering and exiting the car a unique experience. As soon as the doors are opened, a graphic is projected onto the ground next to the car. This unusual illumination of the entry area communicates a feeling of exclusivity both to the customer and to any passengers or passers-by. As a result, driving with the car is even more personalised and unique.

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