About Autostudi

Autostudi is a design company operating in the automotive and industrial design that carries out the project as a consultant of car makers and their suppliers.

Founded in 1983 by Carlo Angiono, Autostudi has a structure characterized by the professionalism of its designers and engineers which allows the optimal management and project development step by step in interfacing with customers.

A methodological path from the first stylistic phases to the definition of the project aimed at the production: design, engineering development, maquettes, prototypes and manufacturing.

Our company provides a full service thanks to its competences and its several offices situated in North Italy and Turkey.

What we do

Entering in our design department means going through Autostudi's shape. A line to create a form is the first meaning of the company.

The creative team of designers develops new products step by step from an innovative idea to the prototype passing from benchmarking analysis, freehand sketch, feasibility, CAS surface and rendering. Supervision of Carlo Angiono, CEO and Art Director, is daily and passionately. Our strength is the ability to mix great looks with moderate cost in all sector: automotive, industrial and technology.

Design in Autostudi is the smart side of the company, where the heart beats and inspires all to be positive.

Engineering is Autostudi's core business, more than 40 years of experience is not the only reason why the company is so strong on this department.

Long standing expertise of Carlo and Roberto Angiono allows team of engineers to develop automotive products for the biggest makers in the world. We are skilled in all sector of engineering, from bodywork to engine, automotive has not secret for us.

Clients trust on us since 1983 because we growth and we update ourselves continually.

Where we are

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